When will the program begin?

You will get two text messages once you complete registration. One message will confirm your enrollment into the program. The next message will direct you to where you can order your first week of meals. If you provide your email on the enrollment form, we will also send you a confirmation email with this information. [...]

Where do I order my meals?

Once you successfully enroll into the program, you will receive a link to the website where you can order your meals. This link will be sent to you via email and text.

How often do I order my meals?

You will be able to update your order on a weekly basis. If you do not update your order or cancel your order, your order from the previous week will automatically be processed. More information: [link to customer success page on meal ordering website]

What does it cost?

This is a no-cost program offered to Medicare Advantage members. You will receive meals at no charge for 12 weeks. The program text messages and webpages you receive have no additional costs beyond your current plan with your carrier. The mobile web pages use very little data.

How many text messages will I get?

You will automatically be enrolled to receive 3-4 messages/week. If you enroll to receive additional support for managing and monitoring your blood sugar, you will receive additional reminder texts to track and record you blood sugar based on a schedule that you choose. You will be given this option on the enrollment form. [...]